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OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019

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The seventh annual OpenZFS Developer Summit, was held '''Nov 4-5 in San Francisco'''. As with previous years:
The goal of the event is to foster cross-community discussions of OpenZFS work and to make progress on some of the projects we have proposed. This 2-day event consists of a day of presentation and a 1-day hackathon.
Thanks to Trilogy and Michael Dexter for taking and sharing photographs from the event. All of the pictures can be browsed in [ this Google Drive folder]
==Presentations and Schedule==
|ZFS TRIM Explained||Brian Behlendorf||LLNL||[ slides]||[ video]
|Debugging ZFS: State of the Art on Linux|| Tom Caputi || Datto||[ slides]||To [ uploaded/JoD_Kmqnkgg video]
|Debugging ZFS: From Illumos to Linux||Serapheim Dimitropoulos ||Delphix||[ slides]||[ video]
|OpenZFS Everywhere||Michael Dexter & Jorgen Lundman||||[ slides]||[ video]
|Healing With ZFS Receive||Alek Pinchuk|| Axcient||[ slides]||[ video]
|Securing the Cloud with ZFS Encryption|| Jason King||Joyent||[ slides]|| Postponed due to illness - will be presented at the [ Tuesday callkFuo5bDj8C0 video]
|Illumos Brings the SAS||Kody Kantor||Joyent||[ slides]||[ video]
|Optimizing Filesystems for Multi-Actuator HDDs ||Muhammad Ahmad& James Borden||Seagate||[ slides]||[ video]

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