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|valign="top" |[[file:HELiOS-logo.png |150px|link=]]
|valign="top" |'''HELiOS''' (Healthcare Enterprise Linux Operating System) is the standard Linux operating system used within GE Healthcare
|valign="top" |[[file:hermes.png |150px|link=]]
|valign="top" | '''Losytec''' devices use the ZFS filesystem, and benefit from its many features such as arrays with RAID-Z, cache in Solid State Disks, deduplication and compression.
|valign="top" |[[file:New_hac_logo.jpg |180px|link=]]
|valign="top" |[[file:Logo_LLNL.png |150px|link=]]
|valign="top" |Researchers at '''Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory''' use OpenZFS and the high-performance Lustre® parallel file system to store the vast quantities of simulation data produced by some of the largest supercomputers in the world.
|valign="top" |[[file: Menlo-software-logo.gif |180px|link=]]
|valign="top" |'''MenloWare''' provides MenloStor, a multi-platform ZFS software-defined storage system offering unified SAN, NAS, and object storage capabilities. Advanced capabilities include mobile file sharing with client-side encryption, CIFS and NFS auditing and global namespace, synchronous and asynchronous replication, and post-processing de-duplication. Web-based management is supplemented by a CLI and REST API.
|valign="top" |[[file: MPSTOR_Logo.jpeg |200px|link=]]
|valign="top" |'''MPSTOR''' is a supplier of storage array systems, providing solutions to OEMs and to data centres who are seeking a flexible, scalable and resilient platform on which to build a storage, public cloud or private cloud service. MPSTOR’s core expertise is in software defined storage and utilizes ZFS in providing the service consumer with invisible, programmable and automated storage infrastructure, creating the perception of infinite flexibility in terms of scale and quality of service.
|valign="top" |[[file: MyNAS_Storage_Appliance_Logo.jpg |150px|link=]]
|valign="top" |'''Nexenta Systems''' is the world’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The company’s flagship software platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage solutions worldwide and is based on ZFS technology.
|valign="top" |[[file:OmniTI-logo.jpeg |150px|link=]]<br>[ omniosorg Source code]|valign="top" |'''[ OmniOS]''' builds on illumos to make a complete operating system, providing users with a familiar, installable operating system with a minimal package set to ease regulatory compliance. It delivers a self-hosting environment with simplified processes for ongoing maintenance and up-to-date third-party software.
|valign="top" |[[file:opendrives-logo.png |150px|link=]]

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