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OpenZFS Developer Summit

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The ''OpenZFS Developer Summit'' was held November 18-19, 2013. The goals of the event were:* to foster cross-platform community discussions of OpenZFS work* to make progress on some of the projects proposed for this community. [ Video recordings of the presentations] are in the OpenZFS channel on YouTube. [ Participant Survey]: Please complete by December 6 end of day. == Topics that were discussed =={| class="wikitable"!Title!!Speaker!!Slides!!Video|-|Introduction||Matt Ahrens||[http{:// slides]||[ video]|-|Platform Panel||Brian Behlendorf, Jorgen Lundman, Chris Siden, Xin Li||-||[ video]|-|Platform-independent code repository||Matt Ahrens||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Storage Tiering||Boris Protopopov||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Vendor Lightning Talks||Many||-||[ video]|-|Community Planning||Karyn Ritter||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Channel Programs||Chris Siden, Max Grossman||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Test Coverage||John Kennedy||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Performance Investigation||Adam Leventhal||[ slides]||[ video]|-|Performance on full & fragmented pools||George Wilson||-||[ video]|-|Scalability|| Kirill Davydychev ||-||[ video]|-|Virtual Memory Interactions|| Brian Behlendorf ||-||[ video]|-|Multi Tenancy|| Rob Mustacchi ||-||[ video]|-|Examining On-disk Format|| Max Bruning ||-||[ video]|} == Hackathon projects ==These projects were worked on at the hackathon: * Testrunner suite running on other platforms: linux, freebsd (+ illumos libzpool)* channel programs: pass instruction stream into kernel* ZFS send progress reporting with "set proc title"* dedicated kmem_cache for dedup table entries* larger (1MB) blocksize * compressed ARC* upstreaming dbuf_user & dbuf state machine (spectra DMU changes)* limit DDT size* onexit for osx == Event Planning Info ==See [[OpenZFS Developer Summit 2013 planning]]}}

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