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OpenZFS Developer Summit

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Discussion Topics
== Discussion Topics ==
=== Speaker Info ==='''Note: If you are in the room, you are potentially a speaker.''' This will be done in unconference style, so every attendee should come prepared to present or otherwise lead a discussion or session of up to 45 minutes. You can indicate potential topics The most important things to discuss in the registration table below.this setting are:
Equipment available# Contentious topics that we need to get widespread agreement on# Reports of work in progress that need input from others Topics that have been proposed:* ProjectorOpenZFS code repository (Matt)** what code changes are needed to make this a success** process & procedure (code review, testing, committers)* Performance on full or fragmented pools (George, Ned, Alfred)** block allocator improvements* Portable FMA replacement (e.g. for hot spare activation) (Brian)* OpenZFS community organization (Karyn, Jordan, Matt)* Storage tiering (Boris)* how to examine the ZFS on-disk format with MDB (Max B)* ZFS Channel Programs (Chris, Max G, Matt)* Interactions with virtual memory subsystem (Brian, Jorgen)** dealing with swap on zfs** how the VM system handles large memory allocations* Scalability on large systems, known bottlenecks (Kirill)* How to educate new ZFS developers (Max G)* Test suite (John K)* Disk management (John L)* How to investigate ZFS performance problems (Adam)* WhiteboardResumable send/recv (Boris, Max G, Chris)
== Hackathon ==

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