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OpenZFS Developer Summit

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* drive + park in a lot (costs about $25/day e.g. 41 Tehama Street, 509 Howard Street, or 55 Hawthorne Street)
== Discussion Topics ==
=== Speaker Info ===
'''Note: If you are in the room, you are potentially a speaker.''' This will be done in unconference style, so every attendee should come prepared to present or otherwise lead a discussion or session of up to 45 minutes. You can indicate potential topics in the registration table below.
* Whiteboard
=== Hackathon ===
The goals of the hackathon are:
* to get people working with ZFS engineers from outside their normal circles
Therefore, we should plan to work in small teams of 2-3 engineers. The team members could be pair-programming, splitting up the work into discrete tasks for each person, or advising / implementing.
==== Hackathon ideas ====
''Add your idea and your name below. Be prepared to explain your idea at the beginning of the hackathon and enlist/entice others to help with it.''
* Userland ioctls: support for send/recv (fd operations over the wire) [[User:mahrens]]
* set owner of all files within a filesystem with a ZFS property [[User:csiden]]
=== Registration ===
We are expecting everyone will be there to contribute/participate.
– ''please keep the table above sorted by last name.''
=== Sponsors ===
The event is fully sponsored! Thank you to our sponsors:

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