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OpenZFS Developer Summit

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== {{:OpenZFS Developer Summit 2013 ==Delphix is hosting a developer-focused event for OpenZFS. The goal of the event is to foster cross-platform community discussions of OpenZFS work, and to make progress on some of the projects proposed for this community. ''We were previously calling this event "OpenZFS Day", but decided to rename it to reflect its target audience of ZFS developers.'' == Huge THANK YOU to our generous sponsors =={|cellpadding="10"|- |[[File: Delphix logo.png|200x200px]]|[[File: Ddrdrive logo dev 2013.png|200x200px]] |[[File: Logo freebsdfoundation.png|200x200px]] |-|[[FIle: SageCloud-logo-RGB-large-optimized.jpg|200x200px]] |[[File: Ixsystems.jpg|200x200px]] |[[File: CS logo withTagline 150px.png|200x200px]] |-|[[File: SpectraLogicLogo.jpg|200x200px]] |[[File: Joyent-logo.png|200x200px]]|2019=== The high-level agenda is: ==={|border="1" cellpadding="10"|- |valign="top"|Monday, Nov 18|* Talks* Breakout sessions* Hackathon planning* Beer bash|-|Tuesday, Nov 19|Hackathon (hopefully start work on some of the [[Projects]] the community has suggested)|=== Location ===The event will be in the [ Delphix office] in San Francisco: [,-122.400059&spn=0.010107,0.01178&t=m&z=16 604 Mission St. Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105] === Speaker Info ==='''Note: If you are in the room, you are potentially a speaker.''' This will be done in unconference style, so every attendee should come prepared to present or otherwise lead a discussion or session of up to 45 minutes. You can indicate potential topics in the registration table below. Equipment available:* Projector* Whiteboard === Hackathon ===The goals of the hackathon are:* to get people working with ZFS engineers from outside their normal circles* to start work on some of the [[projects]] we'd like to accomplishTherefore, we should plan to work in small teams of 2-3 engineers. The team members could be pair-programming, splitting up the work into discrete tasks for each person, or advising / implementing. ==== Hackathon ideas ====''Add your idea and your name below. Be prepared to explain your idea at the beginning of the hackathon and enlist/entice others to help with it.''* Userland ioctls: support for send/recv (fd operations over the wire) [[User:mahrens]]* larger (1MB) blocksize: shouldn't be too hard if we ignore performance impact [[User:mahrens]]* dedicated kmem_cache for dedup table entries* stdin / stdout buffer to improve performance of zfs send and receive* ZFS mechanism to override devices' reported sector size (512 vs 4k) (alex @ delphix)* feature flags enhancements for send streams [[User:csiden]]* set owner of all files within a filesystem with a ZFS property [[User:csiden]] === Registration ===We are expecting everyone will be there to contribute/participate. '''The sign up deadline has passed'''. A few spots are available for late registration. Mail [] if you would like to attend. {|border="1" cellpadding="10"|- !| Name!| Affiliation!| What do you want to talk about?!| Your experience with ZFS!| Travel information!| T-shirt Size!| Food allergies/preferences? (please list)|-| [[User:mahrens | Matt Ahrens]]| Delphix| OpenZFS repo: what interfaces should be supported| Founded ZFS, OpenZFS| Local to SF| M| none|-|[[User:sanjeev | Sanjeev Bagewadi]]| Pluribus Networks| | Was part of the RPE team in Sun which fixed ZFS issues faced by customers| Will be in the Bay Area around that time| M| none|-|-| Ned Bass| LLNL| Common code base, block allocator improvements| ZFS on Linux port, Lustre integration| from East Bay| XL| vegetarian preferred|-| [[User:behlendorf | Brian Behlendorf]]| LLNL| Portable memory management & FMA infrastructure| ZFS on Linux Maintainer| Local to east Bay Area| XL| none|-| Max Bruning| Joyent| examining ZFS on-disk format with MDB| leads ZFS training classes| ?| ?| ?|-| Steven Burgess| Datto Inc.| openZFS as a customer| Working as a developer at a company whose product uses ZOL| from NYC| M| none|-| [[User:kdavyd | Kirill Davydychev]]| Nexenta| Scalability on large systems, major known bottlenecks.| Debugging, performance analysis/tuning| Houston| M| none|-| Justin Gibbs| Spectra Logic| ?| DMU performance work| flying in from CO| ?| vegetarian|-| [[User:Max | Max Grossman]]| Delphix| Making it easier to get new ZFS developers up to speed (retrospective on the hole birth feature)| 3 months so far, still so much to learn...| Local| L| none|-| [[User:jkennedy | John Wren Kennedy]]| Delphix| Uniform test coverage for OpenZFS| Supported ZFS in RPE at Sun/Oracle, and test ZFS in QA at Delphix.| Denver| L| none|-| [[User:jml | John Layman]]| SageCloud| Interested in disk management (spin up/down disks, drive identification, etc.)| Been working with ZFS on Linux for a few months, contributed small bugfix| Boston| XL| none|-| [[User:ahl | Adam Leventhal]]| Delphix| ZFS performance investigations?| RAID-Z2/3, performance work, some small ZFS tasks here and there| local| L| none|-| [[User:delphij | Xin Li]]| iXsystems| ZFS developer for FreeBSD, TrueNAS and FreeNAS products| FreeBSD deputy security officer / release engineering team member| local Bay Area| L| none|-| [[User:lundman | Jorgen Lundman]]| GMO Internet| ZFS, portability| ZFS on OS X| Tokyo| XL| none|-| [[User:maxim | Maxim Martynov]]| | | | | M| none|-| Robert Mustacchi| Joyent|| Misc. debugging| Local to SF| L| None|- | [[User:tonyn | Tony Nguyen]]| Nexenta|| Misc. debugging, import and I/O performance| flying in from Denver| M| None|- | Alfred Perlstein| iXsystems| ZFS performance and debugging| FreeNAS (FreeBSD+ZFS) developer| ?| ?| ?|- | Boris Protopopov| Nexenta| Resumable send/recv, defrag, storage tiering, spare management, doing fancy things with vdevs| ZFS dev lead at Nexenta, ZFS extensions for enterprise class features and performance| Boston| M| None|-| [[User:awreece | Alex Reece]]| Delphix| | small bug fixes| local| M| No marinera|-| [[User:kritter | Karyn Ritter]]| Delphix| Community management (discussion)| | local| M| |-| [[User:rodrigc | Craig Rodrigues]]| iXsystems| ZFS developer for TrueNAS and FreeNAS products| FreeBSD release engineering team member| local| L| none|-| [[User:csiden | Chris Siden]]| Delphix| ZFS Channel Programs, feature flags enhancements for send streams| Worked on feature flags and async destroy| local| L| none|-| Alex Solomatnikov| | | | | M| none|-| [[User:pks | Prashanth Sreenivasa ]]| | I would like to learn more about ZIL, ZFS I/O scheduler & pipeline and impact of using flash-disks instead of conventional hard-disks.| Worked on various PDE (product development engineering) groups including Network Storage, Systems & Solaris kernel. Recently I'm working on ZFS based storage appliances, trying to improve zfs performance on illumos/x86 platform and looking forward to contribute to the open source zfs.| | M| |-| [[User:prakashsurya | Prakash Surya]]| LLNL| | Misc. work on Linux port. Much to learn, still.| Local to east Bay Area| M| none<!--|-| Ilya Usvyatsky| Nexenta| resumable send/recv, defrag| ?| ?| ?| ?-->|-| Rafael Vanoni| Pluribus| I'm not a ZFS developer, but would like to work my way towards that.| I worked on the thread scheduler/dispatcher at Sun/Oracle| ?| M| ?|-| [[User:gwilson | George Wilson]]| Delphix| performance on full & fragmented pools| Implemented lots of SPA & VDEV stuff| flying in from Atlanta ~Monday - Thursday (TBD)| ?| none|-| [[Matt Youds]]| High Availability| | Experience with ZFS configuration at High-Availability.| | L| Fish|} – ''please keep the table above sorted by last name.'' === Sponsors ===Please contact [] if you'd like to be a sponsor of this event. Sponsorship opportunities include: * Breakfast (2 days) - Sponsored! Thank you [ Cloudscaling] and [ iXsystems]* Lunch (2 days) - Sponsored! Thank you [ Sage Cloud], [ Spectra Logic] and [ FreeBSD Foundation]* Coffee Breaks (2 days) - Sponsored! Thank you [ iXsystems]* Beer Bash (day 1) - Sponsored! Thank you [ DDRdrive]* T-Shirts - Sponsored! Thank you [ Delphix]* Video Recordings - Thank you [ Joyent] What do you get for sponsoring: * Your name/link on this page!* Thank you mention during the opening and closing* Space to put your pop-up banner at the conference venue* An opportunity to be known as a ZFS supporter in a very talented and influential community.

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