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OpenZFS on OS X (O3X)

OpenZFS on OS X brings OpenZFS features to Apple's OS X.

OpenZFS on OS X is in beta and an installer is ready for use by people who are happy to use Terminal. It's compatible with OS X 10.6 through OS X 10.9 (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

To use the official release

Download the most recent installer from the O3X wiki and follow the instructions.

To begin testing the most recent build

The O3X wiki has instructions for installing from source.

To test without building

Development Build DMGs are added to – download the most recent signed .dmg file if you are on OS X 10.9, unsigned if you are on an earlier version of OS X. The disk image will contain built software – binaries, kernel extensions (KEXTs) and so on – that may be used with or without installation.

These development build DMGs sometimes will not include the very most recent commits. If in doubt, please ask in IRC:

Suggested focus areas for testers

Evaluating performance of various pool configurations as well as performance on older pools.

Identifying any abnormal behavior when used with older pools.

Finding incompatibilities with 3rd party software.


When using beta software with data of significant value, be especially diligent with your backup procedures. Remember that ZFS alone is not a substitute for a good backup strategy.

If you normally use MacZFS 74 or ZEVO:

  • you must uninstall that software before testing O3X (scripts for doing so are included with the O3X release download).
  • you must uninstall O3X before reverting to ZEVO or MacZFS 74 (an uninstaller script for O3X is also included with the release download).

Either unload the older kernel extensions or reboot before proceeding.