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The following companies have built products for which OpenZFS is an integral part.

Delphix logo.png
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The Delphix Engine allows companies to create up-to-the-minute copies of production databases: making it easier to backup and upgrade databases as well as develop applications. The Delphix Engine uses ZFS cloning and compression to minimize the storage footprint of these virtual databases.
GMO logo.jpg GMO Internet is an Internet infrastructure company, with branches in Internet service providing, web and service hosting, cloud computing, and mobile development based in Japan. Deploying ZFS in the Internet Service Provider sections, including Back-end storage, to Front-end clustered servers. With services starting from Shared Hosting to full Virtual Machines.
HELiOS-logo.png HELiOS (Healthcare Enterprise Linux Operating System) is the standard Linux Operating system used within GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging products. HELiOS is derived from Scientific Linux (SL), a freely available Linux distribution. It is binary compatible with Redhat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL). HELiOS includes and leverages the power of ZOL (ZFS on Linux) from its upstream distribution, Scientific Linux.
HybridCluster-logo.png HybridCluster builds on top of OpenZFS to create a distributed storage layer for clusters with local storage - with High Availability and Disaster Recovery built in. On top of this exists a container (chroot and jail) based virtualization platform which includes efficient container-based live-migration, enabling Auto Scaling. It also includes a Data Vault feature which exposes ZFS snapshots to end users. On top of this storage and virtualization stack, we have built a LAMP web hosting platform suitable for shared and dedicated hosting service providers to provision public and private clouds.
Ixsystems.jpg iXsystems is the industry leader in servers and storage built for enterprise Open-Source environments. All of our products are assembled, tested, and shipped from company headquarters in Silicon Valley, and technical support is provided in-house by the same engineers that build the systems. iXsystems champions the cause of Open Source technology by dedicating extensive resources to several FreeBSD community projects: FreeNAS®, PC-BSD®, FreeBSD®, TrueOS®, and OpenZFS.
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Joyent provides Compute and Manta Storage services in addition to the Joyent Private Cloud: a complete cloud management solution. Joyent designs and drives innovation on SmartOS, the world's most advanced operating system. It combines four technologies into a single operating system, providing superior visibility, multi-tenancy, storage, performance and security for enterprises seeking greater scalability and performance from their servers.
Logo LLNL.png Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories uses OpenZFS and the high-performance Lustre parallel file system to store the vast quantities of simulation data produced by some of the largest supercomputers in the world.
Nexenta logo.jpg Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The company’s flagship software platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage solutions worldwide and is based on ZFS technology.
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OmniOS builds on illumos to make a complete operating system, providing users with a familiar, installable operating system with a minimal package set to ease regulatory compliance. It delivers a self-hosting environment with simplified processes for ongoing maintenance and up-to-date third-party software.
Pogolinux logo.png Pogo Linux is used on storage systems which heavily use ZFS functionality.
RackTop-Systems.jpg RackTop develops business oriented products to solve the most critical issues within the data center, enabling and accelerating organizational success. RackTop’s suite of ZFS based storage appliances are designed to address the demands of an elastic datacenter. RackTop's BrickStor, EBR, and vBox product lines leverage ZFS for performance and data integrity, while shortening implementation times and increasing end-user experience. MyRacktop is a high performance storage and infrastructure cloud powered by the same suite of products, complimenting each with the integrated ability to store and replicate data offsite.
SageCloud-logo-RGB-large-optimized.jpg SageCloud is an object-oriented Cold Data Storage system built on top of OpenZFS. With OpenZFS, the copy-on-write semantics and strong end-to-end checksums are particularly engineered for data reliability at petabyte scale.
SpectraLogicLogo.jpg Spectra Logic is a manufacturer of Deep Storage systems for cost effective, long-term data storage on disk and tape. Spectra focuses on architecting products that are reliable, cost effective and supportable for years into the future to accommodate the needs of the long-term data retention market. Spectra uses OpenZFS as a key product building block in our high data integrity, easily managed file storage solutions.
Wheel 153x35.jpg WHEEL Systems is a leading developer of innovative IT security solutions, specializing in users authorization and authentication, and monitoring access to corporate networks. We are the leading company offering mobile authentication solutions in Poland, and we use and contribute to ZFS development in FreeBSD.

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